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Are you feeling stuck?

The experiences we have in relationships (from birth until now) influence not only how we view ourselves, but also how we perceive the world. Relationships are a part of our identity. Without an understanding of how our relationships shaped us into who we are today, we can begin to feel stuck. But what does feeling stuck look like?

"The quality of our relationships determine the quality of our lives."
– Esther Perel

Work with me

Fortunately, counseling provides an opportunity in learning how to become unstuck.

In sessions with me, we will explore your family history and other important relationships throughout the course of your life. By gaining an understanding of these parts of your history, I aim to help you uncover patterns and belief systems that are preventing you from moving forward. In a safe and supportive space, we will work together to create a new path for you toward healing and building a more meaningful life.

I understand that we are all unique individuals and I tailor our sessions together to address your specific needs. We will work together to uncover the root cause of your concerns, address them with proven psychological techniques, and find the best solutions for you and what your goals are for your life. If this sounds like a journey you are ready to embark upon, then do not hesitate to reach out and contact me today.

Now Offering Low Cost Counseling with our trained, supervised clinician

Katie Hosick

  • Appointment Cost ranges from $20-$80. Suggestions are based on household income and whether you are interested in individual or couple/family counseling.
  • Offered by graduate level therapist-interns supervised by Krysteena Wilson, LCPC, LMFT.
  • No document verification required – pay what you can afford. 

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The Modern Guide To Self Care

13 Exercises to Help Discover Your Version Of Self Care

The concept of self-care presented in this workbook may be different than your previous understanding of self-care. The material in this workbook describes how to live a life with intention by incorporating thoughts, feelings, and small actions that promote a sense of nourishment—even with a busy schedule. It involves exploring unfamiliar parts of yourself and using the knowledge you gain to create more fulfillment in your day-to-day life. The chapters in this workbook focus on: