Accelerated Resolution Therapy™

Accelerated Resolution Therapy™ or ART is recognized as a peer reviewed, evidence-based treatment for psychological trauma and a wide range of other mental health concerns. Effects are noticed in as few as 1-5 sessions.

Experience Rapid Recovery From:

As an ART-trained therapist, I use unique visualization techniques and rapid eye movements with clients to help their brain disconnect emotionally from a problem and view it with a new perspective. ART essentially reprograms your brain to delete distressing images and memories and replace them with positive images that no longer trigger a strong emotional or physical reaction. You will remember the experience, but you will no longer hold onto the associated pain. 


For more information including research and testimonials on this amazing, rapid, evidence-based treatment, visit the Accelerated Resolution Therapy website HERE

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The therapist-client relationship is one of the strongest predictors of success in therapy. Because of this, I offer a complimentary, 15-minute phone consultation prior to scheduling your first appointment to assure we are a good fit to work together.