Accelerated Resolution Therapy™

Accelerated Resolution Therapy™ or ART is recognized as a peer reviewed, evidence-based treatment for psychological trauma and a wide range of other mental health concerns. Effects are noticed in as few as 1-5 sessions.

Experience Rapid Recovery From:

As an ART-trained therapist, I use unique visualization techniques and rapid eye movements with clients to help their brain disconnect emotionally from a problem and view it with a new perspective. ART essentially reprograms your brain to delete distressing images and memories and replace them with positive images that no longer trigger a strong emotional or physical reaction. You will remember the experience, but you will no longer hold onto the associated pain. 


This service is offered as a short-term, hyper-focused intensive appointment. Appointments typically last around 90 minutes and on, average, 2-5 sessions are needed to experience noticeable results. Due to the structure and length of time of the appointment, this is not a service that insurance typically covers. I can however, provide you with a superbill that you can submit to receive partial reimbursement. 


For more information including research and testimonials on this amazing, rapid, evidence-based treatment, visit the Accelerated Resolution Therapy website HERE.

Want To See If We're A Good Match?

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The therapist-client relationship is one of the strongest predictors of success in therapy. Because of this, I offer a complimentary, 15-minute phone consultation prior to scheduling your first appointment to assure we are a good fit to work together.