Maternity Leave Schedule 2021 + Project In Progress


and will be taking a maternity leave March – June, 2021. My last day in office will be Friday, February 26, 2021 and my return date is planned for June 1, 2021. Unless there are significant, unforeseen circumstances, I plan to abide by these dates without any further adjustments. For current clients, I will provide a list of referrals of counselors whom I believe to be an appropriate ‘match’ for their specific need. There is also option to take a ~3 month break from counseling and resume when I return from maternity leave. Others may wish to take a longer break or seek alternative providers on their own. The choice is up to the client and I will do my best to help them feel adequately prepared for the next step in their journey.

I am in the process of creating a mental health workbook with education and activities pertaining to common topics that are discussed in my practice…

Each chapter will be devoted to a different topic relating to self-care, relationships, boundaries, decision making, and others. If requested, current clients will receive 1 chapter of the workbook for free with option to purchase the entire workbook at a discounted price. These activities are intended for those who want to continue their personal growth while I am on maternity leave or to simply enhance the therapeutic work at home. Activities may include journal prompts, Q&A’s, partner/relationship activities, art therapy exercises, and light psycho-educational reading. The workbook is intended to be a concise guide with meaningful, explorative activities and not an in-depth journey of the self. My goal is to have this project available to clients and the public by the end of February, 2021.

I am also accepting ideas/preferences from individuals who are interested in continuing their work on a topic/area of interest. Feel free to provide feedback with what you are interested in seeing in the workbook in the comments section or via email. 

Krysteena Wilson, LCPC, LMFT is a Licensed Therapist specializing in individual, couple, and family therapy in the Boise, ID area.


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The Modern Guide To Self Care

13 Exercises to Help Discover Your Version Of Self Care

The concept of self-care presented in this workbook may be different than what you have previously learned. The type of self-care I discuss in this workbook involves living life with an intention toward incorporating thoughts and feelings that nourish you. It involves exploring parts of yourself that you may not be completely familiar with, and using the knowledge you gain to create a more fulfilling life.

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