Counseling for Men

Counseling for Men

We offer counseling for professionals who may feel unfulfilled or dissatisfied by the stressors of a multi-faceted, career-oriented life. Through a personalized approach centered on self-exploration, self-evaluation, and cultivating self-awareness, we help men rediscover a sense of balance within themselves and achieve a greater connectedness to their purpose and values. 

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You may be someone working in a passionless career, feeling disconnected from your loved ones, or even trapped by the weight of financial and lifestyle obligations. Perhaps at one point, you thought the life you now live is the life you once dreamed about, yet now that you are here you feel incredibly stuck and unfulfilled.

I can help.

Meet Dylan Haas -

The people I work with are often intimately familiar with the existential anxieties of modern life. They have a day-after-day experience of hopelessness and find themselves drudging through a life devoid of any real meaning or purpose.  They may believe that these are merely the natural consequences of professional adulthood, where it’s necessary to set aside interests and passions for the obligations of their family or career. Yet by doing this, it has only led to shutting off emotionally and struggling to find meaningful connections to themselves or others. 

My focus is to help you integrate your whole self; to re-evaluate your inner hopes, dreams, and aspirations and connect them with the life you have created in order to gain more freedom and fulfillment. In our work together, I aim to help you rediscover a sense of equilibrium within yourself and integrate your core masculinity with the vulnerability that many of us have been raised to ignore. I will support you in developing your inner strengths in an effort to recognize and embrace the emotional part of you that you carry within.

I approach my work with clients from an existential humanistic perspective, with an emphasis on ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) in order to address experiences of existential anxieties and despair. Through cultivating greater self acceptance and awareness, we will work toward aligning with your core values, reigniting your passions, and cultivating a truly integrated existence, where your inner world connects harmoniously with your outer world, fostering a renewed sense of hope and meaning to your life.


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