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The Modern Guide To Self Care


The Modern Guide To Self-Care is a self help book written by Krysteena Wilson, licensed therapist. The concept of self-care presented in this workbook may be different than what you have previously learned. The type of self-care I discuss in this workbook involves living life with an intention toward incorporating thoughts and feelings that nourish you. It involves exploring parts of yourself that you may not be completely familiar with, and using the knowledge you gain to create a more fulfilling life. Though this type of self-care can include both thoughts and activities, it does not need to include both. Hot bubble baths, long walks, and going to the gym are all great ways to implement self-care, though they are not the only ways to implement self-care. Throughout this book, you will learn modern ways to care for yourself that includes understanding your past and creating a healthy future. Self-care is more than a mud mask, it’s about healing inner wounds and becoming your truest self.